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About Us

Our team is made out of young and creative people. We are open to new challenges – we are always waiting for them. What matters to us is cooperation based on trust and casual atmosphere.
The core of our culture are overriding values such as respect and honesty.We take great care of relationship with our Clients, thats why we always stick to the set rules and always deliver the orders on time. Loyalty is something we put in the first place.

Our motto is RECIPE FOR OVERTAKING. We take this very literally – always one step ahead of everyone, using innovative solutions.

We focus on developement, thats why:

  • We always improve ourselves by various trainings
  • We expand our offer by over a dozen products each year
  • We actively seek new Customers and Partnerships
  • Improve our products – we fine tune our recipes

Safety, as a foundation of our work is another exteremely important value to us.

Our products stand out with high quality and reliability – they are the perfect choice to take care of your car.

Company Founders

Jakub Pomorski

Head of Sales Department, Co-Owner

CEO of the Company. Responsible for sales and building relationships with our Customers. In his department he takes care of domestic and international markets . His motto is “go big or go home”.

Przemysław Dziuba

Head of R&D Department, Co-Owner

Board Member. Responsible for the R&D, Production and Warehouse. Takes care of the products from the idea up to dispatch. Created our Training Center where we teach hobbyists and proffesionals the art of autodetailing.

Jan Wiśniewski

Head of Marketing & Import Deparment, Co-Owner

Board Member. Manages actions regarding the presence of the brand in media, creates it’s visual identification. Simultaneously keeps an eye out for new ideas and products that can be introduced to the market under the name ADBL.

ADBL Values



We create solutions for the automotive sector supporting care, protection and renovation of vehicles of every type.
We are one of the few companies in our industry which carries out the production process from an idea, through the recipe up to packaging. Our chemical products and accessories are used by hobbyists, proffesionals and everyone who put effectivnes in the first place.

ADBL Recipe For Overtaking – recipies which outrun ordinaryness.


Let us begin with a clean car.
You value the sense of aesthetics, you like to be comfortable, you want to stand out.
We know that your car is your business card.
You require products  that are reliable and enojyable to use.
This is our speciality.
We will provide you with cosmetics, tools, and accesories that will be perfect from day-to-day care up to long-term protection.
Your car is like a member of family. We will take care of it together with you, sharing our passion.

Our Brands

History of ADBL

The Beggining

JJ Management has been founded in the year 2013 and started of as a internet shop with car cosmetics.



In 2014 we created the brand ADBL.
In this year we also introduced our first product made from scratch by our team. It was the ADBL VAMPIRE



After positive reception of our first product by the market we developed a complete visual identification of the brand. Spring 2015 introduced 7 new products which began our adventure of conquering the polish detailing market. By the end of 2015 with have 12 products.



In 2016 sales value of ADBL starts to surpass sales of competetive brands at leading domestic distributors.
The company introduces new products at a high pace and also starts to develop it’s accessories range. By the end of 2016 we are offering 25 chemical products and 10 complementary accesories.



Year 2017 is an intensive expansion in Poland and our first steps in sales outide our home country.
In the biggest detailing shops we take 1st place in the size of sales. During the year we acquired 2 international distributors and have widened our product range to 48 positions. We recieve more and more inquieries from abroad regarding cooperation with us.


Polishing Machines

The year marks a milestone for our company. We introduce the Roller brand which beggins a completely new category of our products – polishing system. Few months later we open a place producing polishing pads.
In a short time Roller products achieve a strong position on the market.
ADBL takes the next step in creating a comprehensive offer to supply the Care Care market. This year we are present on the most imporant automotive fair in Europe – Automechanika Frankfurt which marks our presence even more among our Customers and Competitors.
In 2018 our product range expanded to 189 products and 14 international distributors.



In 2019 ADBL is a meaningful and recognizable brand on the european market. We deliver our products to over 300 shops in Poland and have distributors in 17 countries. 227 products are made in 3 localizations by over 25 engaged employees.
Despite many new competitors we can surely confirm our position as the leader of the industry in Poland.
We continue to stick to our plan to become one of the biggest companies in the industry worldwide.


Strengthening The Position

2020 passed as the year of the Covid-19 pandemic. The whole world stood still, while we continued to fulfil our mission producing car cosmietics and accessories of the highest quality.
We opened our first Training Center expanding our presence to 4 localisations. End of the year brought the next milestone in our history – we began building a factory with an office and a warehouse.


New Line

The year 2021 will see the continuation of the pandemic. However, ADBL is now a team of 50 people who continue to pursue their goals and operate effectively in all locations. This has resulted in the launch of new fragrances for our perfumes, additional accessories, and a new product line called “ADBL HOLAWESOME,” expanding the brand’s offering to over 300 SKUs.



The time has come to present to you the result of our years of work – water-based ADBL polishing compounds, which, along with the new D21 polishing machine, complete our polishing system. Striving for perfection, we have improved the formulations of our well-known products: Matt Max, Vampire Liquid, Vampire Light, and AIO. The year 2022 also marks further brand expansion, resulting in distributors in 30 countries.


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