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Spring is getting closer, so we’ve prepared a couple of missing essentials that will make every Detailer’s job easier!

Round Detailing Brush Pro Set set of 3 interchangeable brushes of different sizes and softness with a twist-off handle for cleaning details, crevices or dirt on delicate surfaces. The brushes are characterised by soft bristles, resistant to chemicals. The handle is coated with non-slip rubber and has a magnet for attaching the brush to metal surfaces.

Available as a set or separately.

Tire Brush brush for cleaning tyres of various tread types. The triangular shape and appropriately long-lasting bristles make it possible to reach and clean even hard-to-reach places effectively. Ergonomic grip, covered with a layer of non-slip rubber for comfortable use.

Detailing Apron made of soft material which is safe for the surface. Ideal for polishing works. Separates the clothes from the car body and protects it from scratches. Two Velcro-fastened belt loops ensure quick and convenient protection of the power cable from the car body damage, taking organisation and working comfort to a whole new level. It has a simple and universal tie at the waist and 2 practical pockets, which can easily accommodate currently used chemical products and necessary accessories.

In stores from February 15.