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The Terminators! Quickly and effectively eliminate the toughest dirt!


Wheel Warrior Gel – acidic gel liquid, intended for removing the heaviest dirt and deposits from the surface of rims. Safe for all types of painted and steel rims. The gel consistency allows the product to stay on the surface longer, enhancing the effect of removing impurities. A milder and more pleasant scent enriched with a strawberry scent.



Tar Remover Thixotropic – Ready-to-use tar remover. Safe for all surfaces and effective even in the most severe cases. The formula of our Thixotropic Tar Remover uses the phenomenon of thixotropy. After application, the product turns into a gel, achieving better viscosity and surface covering effect, thus strengthening its effect and extending the possible exposure time.



APC Typhoon – Concentrated, very strong, universal product for cleaning the heaviest dirt from almost all surfaces, such as plastic, vinyl or fabric upholstery, it will also work as a product for cleaning details outside the car. A recipe created for professional detailing studios and use with a Tornador Gun.



WSR – Agent for removing mineral deposits and traces of hard water from paint, windows and plastics. Absolutely safe for surfaces and quartz/ceramic coatings.