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HEAVY DUTY ALL PURPOSE CLEANER Concentrated, powerful and universal cleaning product.

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Concentrated, powerful and universal cleaning product. Dedicated for heavy debris on plastic, vinyl ortextile upholstery. Perfect for prewashing and detailing car body. Low foam formula enriched with natural citrus solvents. Excellent degreasing properties. Fast penetration and dirt dissolution.

Usage :

Prepare a working solution.
Apply the solution on the surface to be cleaned and spread with a sponge or brush.
Remove the dissolved impurities by wiping with a cloth, by rinsing with (distilled ) water.
If necessary, repeat steps 1 to 3.

Scent :


Additional Tips :

Dosage: from 1:10 for heavy dirt to 1:80 for light soiling.
Be sure to spot test the surface in an inconspicuous area.
Cleaned surface should be cool.
Do not leave it to dry on the cleaned surface.
Store in a cool place.
Protect from sunlight.
Do not refrigerate or freeze.

Available Capacities :

  • 0,5l ;
  • 1l ;
  • 5l ;
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