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Powerful Ingredients ADBL!

Leather QD – a revolutionary product for daily cleaning, care and maintenance of upholstery made of patent leather. It perfectly removes dirt, such as makeup stains, food residues and all other soils resulting from everyday use. Once the product is applied and its residue evaporates, the leather is pleasant to the touch, uniformly matte, with no visible darker spots.

Blackouter – water-based dressing designed for unpainted exterior plastic components whose durability and visual effect rival solvent-based products. It will be great for restoring old, tarnished elements, and the form of milk allows its easy and pleasant application. It gives a deep darkening and satin finish, with a durability of up to several weeks.

Rimtector – extremely easy and quick to use for protecting painted rims. When used regularly, it forms a barrier on the surface, making each subsequent wash easier. Wet application creates a sealed coating on the rim, giving it a shiny finish without fear of unsightly marks.

Speed QD – extremely easy to use Quick Detailer. It evaporates easily from any car paint, even the most demanding types, such as black uni, leaving no streaks. Ideal for use after each wash, on all types of bodywork, including protected with hard wax, sealant, vinyl wrap, ppf and ceramic coating.

Pre-Spray – washing agent designed for extraction washing of upholstery – depending on the concentration, it will work perfectly as a pre-spray to pre-treat dirt, such as food, grease stains, discoloration or soil from everyday use, and as a rinse additive, speeding up the process of washing out previously dissolved dirt and upholstery drying, leaving a fresh and pleasant scent.

Defoamer – exceptionally efficient, anti-foam product for use in waste water tanks in washing vacuum cleaners, enables long and efficient operation, preventing the formation of excessive foam, which hinders upholstery cleaning.