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Spring is coming, and with it new chemical products from ADBL. On the 15th of murch we will introduce a whole new line of car-care cosmetics called HOLAWESOME. We have 4 products in three different capacities (500ml, 1L and 5L). The series include :
  • ADBL Glass Cleaner(2) – window and glass cleaning mixing. Perfect for cleaning windshields.
  • ADBL Shampoo(2) – shampoo for hand-wash of the carbody. Gets rid  of everyday dirt like : bugs, mud, traffic film.
  • ADBL Yeti Pearl – active neutral foam. Designed to remove surface dirt. Removes dirt like mud, dust, bugs and tree sap residue.
  • ADBL TANGY –acid shampoo. Used for washing vehicles protected by ceramic/quartz coatings or waxes but also unprotected ones.
You must be wondering why we are releasing products that we already have in offer. Well – the presented new releases, thanks to their original formula are much more efficient, and better deal with cleaning the surface of the car. We strive for perfection that meet the highest standards, thats why we contacntly improve our formulas.