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NEW RELEASE ! – Huge Bag and some gadgets!

🔸 NEW! 🔸
You must admit that we are always finish the year in style 😃 We have prepared some new stuff for you which as I write these words are already on their way to your favourite detailing stotres.
We have some gadgets, accesories and something BIG we have been waiting for , for a long time.. 🙏🏼
Meet! 👇🏼
▪️ADBL PROFESSOR – (70x40x40cm) huge bag on wheels with a pull-out handle. Perfect for people who have a mobile detailing studio, people who have a lot of car-cosmetics or simply for people who like to keep all their detailing goods in one place. 😎
▪️ADBL STICKY – Magnetic phone holder with 2 magnets included in the set.
▪️ADBL USB SPLITTER – as the name says – USB splitter with USB-C , Micro-USB and I-Phone.
▪️ADBL DETAILING SWABS – 4 (different) swabs with foam heads which will help you to inspect and clean car vents and other hard to reach places.