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Is Bonnet suitable for a washing vacuum cleaner?

ADBL Bonnet is a product designed for non-extraction cleaning of fabric elements that should not be soaked (such as headliners, fabric armrests, and door panels).

What is the pH of Textile Rinse?

ADBL Textile Rinse has a pH of 7, making it neutral.

Can ADBL Bonnet be used on Alcantara?

Yes, ADBL Bonnet would be the best choice. Firstly, it is a neutral product that does not require rinsing, and it is sufficient to leave the cleaned element to dry. We recommend using it especially with ADBL Goofer.

ADBL Bonnet, after drying, there were streaks. Why?

ADBL Bonnet is designed for non-extractive cleaning of fabric surfaces that are not suitable for saturation (headliner, door panels, armrest). The product itself does not leave streaks and completely evaporates from the fabric surface. However, when used on heavily soiled surfaces with dirt deeply embedded in the fabric structure, it must be rinsed with an extraction vacuum cleaner. Without rinsing, the product only moves the dirt with the brush rather than removing it. For heavy soiling, it is recommended to rinse the dirt, and as an additional step in this process, the use of ADBL Textile Rinse is recommended.

Can ADBL Bonnet be used to clean seats?

Yes, for washing seats, you can apply a small amount of the product to the surface. Then, use a brush to scrub the area, and finally, wipe the element with a clean microfiber cloth.