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Why does 1L ADBL Black Water weigh less than the other 1L products?

In the case of solvent-based products, the product mass will always be lower than the volume in liters.

Can I use ADBL Tire and Rubber Cleaner to clean bicycle tires?

Certainly, you can use ADBL Tire and Rubber Cleaner to clean rubber components on a bicycle.

What are the differences between ADBL Tire Dressing and ADBL Black Water?

ADBL Tire Dressing is applied to a dry tire using an applicator, resulting in darkening and a wet-look effect. ADBL Black Water can be applied to a wet tire, providing a strong darkening effect. It can also be used on other rubber and plastic elements.

Regarding durability, it largely depends on how well the tire was prepared for the dressing—lasting from several weeks to 2-3 months.