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Can ADBL Wheel Warrior be used on steel wheels?

It is safe to use on steel and painted wheels, but we certainly do not recommend using it on polished aluminum wheels – the surface is likely to oxidize, and it will become ‘dull.

Can ADBL APC be used to clean aluminum wheels?

No highly alkaline product, such as ADBL APC, will be safe for ‘bare’ aluminum. Potential damage, oxidation, etc., may not occur in the case of every wheel due to various production processes and alloy components. However, the risk is always significant, and if any undesired reactions occur, traces will be the only way to remove them, requiring polishing.

Can ADBL Rimtector be applied to a dry wheel?

No, ADBL Rimtector is only applied to a wet wheel.

How to remove dried ADBL Rimtector from wheels?

We recommend using ADBL Rimtector always on a wet wheel. In case the product dries, it will be necessary to use ADBL APC in combination with a brush. If this proves to be insufficient, the next step will be polishing.

Is ADBL Vampire safe for zinc-coated, unlacquered surfaces?

All our bleeding products, ADBL Vampire, ADBL Vampire Light, and ADBL Vampire Liquid, have a neutral pH and are safe for cleaned surfaces. It is essential to remember the proper application rules, which include applying the product to cooled elements.