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How much compound should be used to achieve the best results?

Only four small pea-sized dots are sufficient for a 40×40 cm panel.

Do your polishing compounds contain fillers?

The ADBL Hard Cut, ADBL Super Polish, and ADBL Perfect Finish compounds are exclusively water-based and do not contain fillers. The All In One compounds such as ADBL AIO Hard and ADBL AIO Soft include waxes and synthetic polymers in their formula.

Does ADBL Hard Cut have a stronger cutting ability than ADBL AIO Hard?

ADBL Hard Cut is a compound with strong cutting power, and its main purpose is to remove as many scratches as possible. ADBL AIO Hard is a multifunctional All In One compound that, in addition to correction, is also designed for protection. If you want to remove as many scratches as possible, we recommend using ADBL Hard Cut compound.