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Which ADBL pad can I use for one-step correction?

We recommend using a medium-cut pad. In our range, this could be the dedicated ADBL Roller Pad One Step.

How are your pads categorized, open-cell or closed-cell?

At present, the majority of our pads are closed-cell, with the only exception being the EVO pad.

What pads should be used for a complete paint correction?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. For a multi-stage correction, it is necessary to prepare cutting pads with strong cutting force, medium-cutting, as well as finishing pads. The choice of pads depends on the extent of paint damage and its type.

What is the difference between a pad with a hole and one without a hole?

A pad with a hole is designed for Dual Action machines, while a pad without a hole is for rotary machines.