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Are products from ADBL Leather Kit suitable for use on leather of any color?

Products from the ADBL Leather Kit are suitable for any color of natural leather and eco-leather.

Can ADBL Textile Rinse be used on suede as well?

For suede surfaces, the safest choice would be ADBL Bonnet. It is neutral, and you can leave it to evaporate without the need to rinse it from the material. Do not oversaturate the suede.

Can I use Leather Kit for suede and nubuck?

Correct, ADBL Leather Kit is designed for cleaning and impregnating smooth leather, so it should not be used on materials such as alcantara, suede, or nubuck.

Can leather seats be gently wiped with Interior Cleaner?

Yes, if the eco-leather and the instrument cluster cover, provided they don’t have an anti-reflective coating, are made of plastic, you can safely clean them with ADBL Interior Cleaner.