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Can ADBL Glass Cleaner2 be used on tinted windows?

You can use ADBL Glass Cleaner2 for tinted windows.

Can ADBL Hybrid Glass be used to clean interior windows?

We recommend using this product for external windows due to the invisible wiper effect. It is advisable to use it only on the external side of the window.

How to remove streaks after applying undiluted ADBL APC on a heated windshield and dashboard?

The best option would be to use ADBL Glass Polish.

How to use ADBL Glass Polish with ADBL Glass Cube?

ADBL Glass Polish can be used both wet and dry – rinsing poses no problem.

Apply the product to the felt side of the ADBL Glass Cube applicator and, using crosswise movements (first lengthwise, then crosswise), work it on glass surfaces, preferably previously cleaned and rinsed from loose dirt. After finishing the job, rinse or wipe with ADBL Glass Cleaner2, depending on the chosen method.

What is the difference between ADBL Glass Cleaner and ADBL Glass Pro and ADBL Glass Cleaner2?

The main difference between ADBL Glass Cleaner and ADBL Glass PRO is that the former is designed for regular cleaning, while the PRO version is intended for heavier contamination such as mineral and organic pollutants like water spots, bird droppings, nicotine film, etc. Additionally, the PRO version evaporates rapidly, even in challenging conditions like high humidity and low temperatures.

As for the difference between ADBL Glass Cleaner and ADBL Glass Cleaner2, it’s worth noting that the second version is part of the Holawesome series and was initially intended to replace the basic version of Glass Cleaner. It has improved cleaning and degreasing properties.

Is ADBL Hybrid Glass suitable for a panoramic roof? Will it not create a hydrophobic effect?

ADBL Hybrid Glass is a liquid for regular cleaning of glass surfaces, leaving behind an invisible wiper effect (hydrophobic). Therefore, if this effect is undesirable, we recommend using Glass Cleaner 2 (Holawesome Line).

How to remove ADBL Hybrid Glass from the glass?

The product can be removed using ADBL Glass Polish.

Can I use ADBL Tar and Glue Remover on windows?

ADBL Tar and Glue Remover can be used on windows, but please be cautious with the seals and wiper blades, as these components are sensitive to the effects of solvents.