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After using ADBL Tar and Glue Remover, is it always necessary to wash the car with foam, or can you clay it immediately?

It is necessary to thoroughly rinse the product before clay barring because ADBL Tar and Glue Remover is solvent-based, which can damage the clay bar.

After applying ADBL Tar Pro to a dry surface and wiping it off, is it recommended to wash it off with a pressure washer?

It is best to rinse off the product from the paint surface after application and wiping.

What is the pH of ADBL Vampire Liquid and what is the pH of ADBL Vampire Light?

The pH of ADBL Vampire Liquid is 6 – 7, and the pH of ADBL Vampire Light is 6.5 – 7.5.

What to use to remove rust stains on the car body?

In every case of such dirt, we recommend ADBL Vampire products – depending on the severity of the contamination, either ADBL Vampire or ADBL Vampire Liquid. However, in some cases, if the dirt is baked in, paint correction may be necessary.

Can ADBL Tar and Glue Remover be used on matte paints?

Our Tar and Glue Remover can certainly be used on matte paints. If it is non-original paint, please perform a test in an inconspicuous area.

Which of the deironizers is best suited for decontaminating paint and wheels?

For paint decontamination, ADBL Vampire Liquid is the most effective choice. Thanks to its lightweight consistency, it can be easily sprayed using an atomizer or sprayer, ensuring high efficiency. In comparison to the regular ADBL Vampire, it has a significantly shorter reaction time and can be rinsed off even after 5 minutes. It can also be used for wheels, but if there is a high level of metallic contaminants on the wheels, I would recommend ADBL Vampir. For everyday wheel cleaning, ADBL Vampire Light is recommended.

What is the difference between ADBL Vampire Light and ADBL Vampire Liquid?

ADBL Vampire Light is primarily dedicated to the daily care of wheels, while ADBL Vampire Liquid, due to its increased adhesive power, is particularly recommended for paint decontamination.

Can I use ADBL Tar and Glue Remover on windows?

ADBL Tar and Glue Remover can be used on windows, but please be cautious with the seals and wiper blades, as these components are sensitive to the effects of solvents.

Is ADBL Vampire safe for zinc-coated, unlacquered surfaces?

All our bleeding products, ADBL Vampire, ADBL Vampire Light, and ADBL Vampire Liquid, have a neutral pH and are safe for cleaned surfaces. It is essential to remember the proper application rules, which include applying the product to cooled elements.

If there is a white residue when rinsing ADBL Tar and Glue Remover, what should be done?

One should rinse the product generously until the white traces are no longer visible.