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Which ADBL shampoo is best for caring for a ceramic-coated body?

We recommend ADBL Tangy, a slightly acidic pH shampoo.

What impact does the active foam ADBL Yeti have on the lifespan of a ceramic coating?

ADBL Yeti does not impact the lifespan of coatings in any way. Nevertheless, when maintaining cars with applied ceramic coatings, we recommend using active foams with an acidic pH, such as ADBL Acid Cherry Foam from the Industrial line.

Can ADBL Tar Pro damage a ceramic coating? Should it be used during ceramic coating maintenance, or is it recommended only for heavy-duty situations?

ADBL Tar Pro is a highly aggressive tar remover designed for targeted applications. Therefore, we strongly advise against using it on a ceramic coating. However, we can recommend our product ADBL Tar and Glue Remover, which, thanks to the use of natural solvents, is much safer for protected surfaces.

Is ADBL Acid Cherry Foam safe for waxes and coatings?

ADBL Acid Cherry Foam is a foam with a slightly acidic pH. When used according to the instructions, it is completely safe for waxes, sealants, and ceramic coatings.