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Can ADBL Ceramic QD be used on wax?

ADBL Ceramic QD is designed for use on ceramic coatings as a boosting and protective agent. If applied to a surface coated with wax, it won’t cause any harm; it will provide some protection for the paint, but it won’t exhibit exceptionally strong visual effects, and water beading may not be as prominent.

Does any of your spray waxes have a UV filter?

No, none of our products—ADBL QD1, ADBL Synthetic Spray Wax, ADBL Speed QD—contain UV filters. The only products with UV filters are ADBL Matt Max and ADBL Interior WOW.

What should I use to apply and then polish ADBL Wax One?

The best choice for applying ADBL Wax One would be one of our applicators, such as ADBL Soft Pad. Before applying the wax, please remember to properly prepare the car for paint protection – we recommend performing a thorough wash with decontamination.

Can the product ADBL QD1 be used after every wash as a supplement for an applied ceramic coating?

ADBL QD1 can be used between washes for a gentle paint refresh. However, for application on a ceramic-coated surface, ADBL Ceramic QD is highly recommended – a product specifically designed for this purpose.

Which microfiber towel do you recommend for applying QD1?

For liquid waxes, we recommend buffing using the ADBL Mr. Gray or ADBL Pinky microfiber applicator pads (lint-free microfiber applicators sold in packs of 10).

Can ADBL Ceramic QD be used on satin and glossy wraps?

Absolutely. The product is safe and can be used on both film and ceramic coatings.

Can ADBL QD1 be applied for wax protection after using ADBL Wax One hard wax?

Certainly, you can apply QD1 on a hard wax. This will enhance the effect and extend the lifespan of the wax itself.

What is the durability of ADBL Wax One?

ADBL Wax One lasts on the paint surface for up to 3 months.