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Which ADBL pad can I use for one-step correction?

We recommend using a medium-cut pad. In our range, this could be the dedicated ADBL Roller Pad One Step.

How to dilute ADBL APC?

The solution can be prepared depending on the stubbornness of the dirt. Standard proportions, which easily handle most contaminants, are 1 to 10, meaning 100 ml of the product + 900 ml of water. In the case of heavier dirt, prepare the solution in a ratio of 1 to 4, meaning 250 ml of the product + 750 ml of water.

Do your polishing compounds contain fillers?

The ADBL Hard Cut, ADBL Super Polish, and ADBL Perfect Finish compounds are exclusively water-based and do not contain fillers. The All In One compounds such as ADBL AIO Hard and ADBL AIO Soft include waxes and synthetic polymers in their formula.

What pads should be used for a complete paint correction?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. For a multi-stage correction, it is necessary to prepare cutting pads with strong cutting force, medium-cutting, as well as finishing pads. The choice of pads depends on the extent of paint damage and its type.

Can ADBL Rimtector be applied to a dry wheel?

No, ADBL Rimtector is only applied to a wet wheel.

How to remove dried ADBL Rimtector from wheels?

We recommend using ADBL Rimtector always on a wet wheel. In case the product dries, it will be necessary to use ADBL APC in combination with a brush. If this proves to be insufficient, the next step will be polishing.

Why does 1L ADBL Black Water weigh less than the other 1L products?

In the case of solvent-based products, the product mass will always be lower than the volume in liters.

Which of the deironizers is best suited for decontaminating paint and wheels?

For paint decontamination, ADBL Vampire Liquid is the most effective choice. Thanks to its lightweight consistency, it can be easily sprayed using an atomizer or sprayer, ensuring high efficiency. In comparison to the regular ADBL Vampire, it has a significantly shorter reaction time and can be rinsed off even after 5 minutes. It can also be used for wheels, but if there is a high level of metallic contaminants on the wheels, I would recommend ADBL Vampir. For everyday wheel cleaning, ADBL Vampire Light is recommended.

Are products from ADBL Leather Kit suitable for use on leather of any color?

Products from the ADBL Leather Kit are suitable for any color of natural leather and eco-leather.

Is ADBL Beetle Juice Squeezer safe for waxes?

ADBL Beetle Juice Squeezer is safe for waxes when used in the appropriate manner. It should be sprayed onto a cool and contaminated surface, left for the recommended time, and then rinsed off. This way, you won’t damage applied waxes or sealants. It’s crucial not to introduce mechanical elements such as friction, sponge, glove, or microfiber during the process.