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We created 9 new fragrances, divided into 3 generations: CLASSIC, YOUNGTIMER and FRESHTIMER, so you can easily match the fragrance to your mood or the season!


It is a generation of fragrances maintained in a classic tone. The scents in this series envelop you with a pleasant and subtly sweet aroma that will bring warmth and the magic of unforgettable moments to your space. In the Classic fragrance collection, you will find:

Magic Mist Fig Forest

Magic Mist Pomegranate Juice

Magic Mist Vanilla Touch 



It is a collection of luscious and dynamic fragrances inspired by the sun, vacations and good times. Their refreshing scents instantly transport you to a world of unforgettable adventures and exotic places. In the Youngtimer generation, you will find:

Magic Mist Mojito Cocktail 

Magic Mist Sunny Peach

Magic Mist Sweet Mango 



It is a generation of fragrances in a fresh and invigorating tone. It comprises unique scent compositions that will appeal to anyone seeking energy, refreshment and lightness in a fragrance. In the Freshtimer collection, you will find:

Magic Mist Goji Berries Fusion

Magic Mist Ice Fresh

Magic Mist Sandalwood Harmony